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Bajo Sexto

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The Bajo Sexto and Bajo Quinto are twelve and ten string steel-stringed acoustic bass guitars of Mexico, with six and five double courses respectively.


Apart from the extra bass course of the Bajo Sexto, the two instruments are practically identical, and the name Bajo Sexto is applied to both instruments; Bajo Quinto string sets may be labelled Bajo Sexto ten string for example.


The Bajo Sexto is tuned approximately an octave lower than the twelve string guitar, but in strict fourths so the upper two courses are a semitone higher, and with a unison G course (a less common tuning of a twelve string).


The Bajo Quinto is a more recent development, originally produced by merely removing the lowest course (E) of the Bajo Sexto to obtain a clearer sound, particularly when an electric bass (Bajo El├ęctrico) is added to the ensemble, in Tex-Mex music for example. Some players have continued this trend by removing the A course as well.


  • E E' - A A' - d D - G G - c c - f f
  • A A' - d D - G G - c c - f f
  • d D - G G - c c - f f


String gauges:

D'Addario Bajo Sexto Phosphor Bronze J86: F .026 .026, C .036 .036, G .046 .046, D .062 .030, A .078 .036, E .092 .046


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