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The balalaika is a distinctively triangular lute with three courses, either single or double, and occurs in six registers.


Steel strings are most common but nylon-stringed versions also exist (and are not compatible, see guitar tunings).




  • b' - e' ' - a' ' (discord tuning)



(most common)

  •  e - e' - a'  (balalaika tuning, standard)
  •  e e - e' e' - a' a'
  •  g - b - d'  (guitar tuning, based on the Russian guitar and frowned upon by traditionalists)


String gauges:

La Bella BL90 (steel): .008 .010 .012w


Second or Secondo

  •  a - a - d'



  •  e - e - a

There is also a four string alto.



  •  E - A  - d



  •  E ' - A ' - D.


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