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Citing TOEOT in Wikipedia

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Saved by Andrew Alder
on April 2, 2009 at 9:30:50 am

The Online Encyclopedia of Tunings is probably a better source than many sites that are already in Wikipedia reference lists. But there are also good reasons to take pause before citing it.


The main reason I created this site in the first place was that I was looking for online sources to cite in an article in Wikipedia, see about this site and its creator.


If you think that this site is ready to cite in Wikipedia, don't let me stop you. I hope it will be in time! But do have a good look at the Wikipedia guideline concerning Iinks normally to be avoided and particularly item 12: Links to open wikis, except those with a substantial history of stability and a substantial number of editors.


It's worth noting that this is mainly about the External links section. The requirements for a reference are in some ways less demanding. The Wikipedia policy Ignore All Rules might also be worth reading.


It is probably better to look at the External links sections on many pages here. They may contain better citable sources than this site itself, or they may not. In particular, I hope that this site has been checked and cross-checked a bit more carefully than some of them! There's a lot of inaccurate stuff out there, and we even unapologetically link to some of it, see our external links policy. We check our stuff, not theirs.


My suggestion for the moment goes like this:

  • Use this site at best as your primary source of information and understanding, and at least as an introduction.
  • Check it against other sites and paper references (and if we've got anything wrong here please help us to fix it).
  • Cite those other references.


It could be argued that this goes at least against the spirit of Wikipedia's guideline on citing sources, but it complies with the letter of it, and avoids a lot of potential conflict. 


Anyway, good luck! If you do decide to link here (and thank you for even considering doing it, just by the way), have a look at the permalinks page here for some thoughts as to exactly how you should do this.

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