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It is the opinion of this site that copyright sux big time.


  • It's not obvious what if anything it achieves.
  • It's pretty obvious that it does a lot of damage in impeding both art and scholarship.
  • The claim that copyright holders have the moral high ground (the thou shalt not steal line) is just plain ridiculous. History is littered with examples of copyright owners (who are rarely the creators of the works in question, just BTW) stealing from those who wished to use the material by falsely claiming to have rights over it which they don't. Two wrongs don't make a right, but theft is theft. If copyright supporters are to claim any moral justification, then shouldn't they want all thieves prosecuted under their (already bizarre) system? Not just the little guys?


But we gotta live with it... so...


1. If you think that this site is in any way infringing on your intellectual property rights, just email the webservant. He does not bite.


And we'll do our best to help. Promise.


We want to be both legal and fair. The mess that is international copyright law probably isn't your fault, any more than it's ours.


And if intellectual property is a part of your income, we applaud that. Hopefully it means that you've either created something worthwhile, or supported someone else who has by paying them for their work.


And in either case, we want to help you collect your rightful rewards, not deny them to you. So talk to us.


2. If you want to use the contents of this site in any way that copyright might affect, just email the webservant. He does not bite.


Probably, when you think about it, you'll realise that it doesn't matter a lot. But there are some cases when it does help to dot the t's and cross the i's or something like it, and others where someone has the ability to cause a lot of trouble if we don't. And maybe they will.


I mean, there's already been at least one court case in which the plaintiff claimed that, under copyright law, the author and copyright holder of a work had no right to put it into the public domain. The claim was, copyright exists, and there's nothing the author can do to give it away. They've got to either give permission case by case, or pay someone to do it for them. That was the claim. Brought by guess who? No, it wasn't the copyright owner! Who else might be interested in such a stupid idea, I wonder...?


The fact that anyone could even try this on gives you some idea of what a mess the law is, doesn't it? And the fact that someone took the trouble to pay a lawyer to take it to court gives us a very good idea of how immoral (there is no other word for it) the supporters of copyright law can be. So don't think that doing the right thing is going to be any defence against them. Because, they won that one.


There's big money trying to keep this stupidity in place. The law sux big time, and if in any doubt, best to cover your back. Just assume that you're dealing with a bunch of cashed-up thugs who regard the law as something that other people should be forced to follow but from which they are completely exempt themselves, and you won't go too far wrong where intellectual property is concerned. 


So again we'll do our best to help. Promise. 


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  • Content FAQ deals with the question of this site, Wikipedia, and the GFDL and CC-SA copyleft licences used there. 


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