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The Online Encyclopedia of Tunings (TOEOT to its friends) is a (hopefully) collaborative effort to set up a comprehensive reference work on the tunings of stringed instruments. You can contribute.


It came out of ongoing work at English Wikipedia, see about this site and its creator for some of this history. But there are important differences between this wiki and Wikipedia, in two main areas: Style and content.



Here we're interested in content, content, and content. The facts, ma'am, just stick to the facts. So this wiki is set up to make it as easy as possible to add them and access them.


Despite some very egalitarian priniciples, Wikipedia can be downright uppity at times. They insist on using the "proper" sharp and flat symbols, for example. Never mind that some browsers can't handle them and that it takes an eon to type them. Here we just say for example F# and Bb, and everyone knows what we mean.


(The purists may reflect that the flat symbol is historically a stylised letter b... as are also both the sharp symbol and the natural symbol!)


See Standards and Conventions for details, and tips for contributors if you think you might like to be one.



This is the biggie. Wikipedia is very particular about verifiability, and copyright, and notability, and not allowing people to publish their original ideas, research, interpretations, opinions, and lots of other reasons they mightn't want the information you can provide. This is understandable in their context, and given their aims. And we love Wikipedia!


Here, we care about accuracy, relevance and legality. And that's all. If it's accurate, relevant and legal, then we want it.


So we do care about accuracy, but our ways of seeking it here are significantly different to those at Wikipedia. See the Content FAQ for details. Citing TOEOT in Wikipedia and permalinks both also have some food for thought on the question of the accuracy or otherwise of this site and others, including Wikipedia.


Scope and size and all that

There are hundreds of books just on six-string guitar tunings. Can this site ever hope to cover so vast a topic?


Yes and no. Again see the Content FAQ.








This is a real wiki!  Please edit this page, create new pages, and invite others to use the wiki.

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