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instrument names index

Page history last edited by Andrew Alder 11 years, 9 months ago

This is an index page

It's simply an alphabetical list of instrument names, linked to the pages on which tunings for them appear. See site structure for details.


There should be no tunings or external links on this page, just links to pages in this site on which actual tunings appear (which appear after the colon), links to disambiguation pages that help to identify which of several similarly-named instruments you want (which appear before the colon), and the occasionally explanatory comment.


Registers of instruments (such as soprano, alto, tenor, baritone or more rarely bass) and similarly-named instruments with different numbers of courses or strings may not always be listed separately unless tunings for them appear on different pages, so for example for tenor mandola or alto mandola, just see mandola below, or for seven string guitar see guitar below.


On the other hand, there are many instances of different instruments having the same name, and it's helpful to list them all. So for the renaissance tenor lute see either lute or tenor lute below, but for the laud, sometimes also called a tenor lute, see laud, Cuban laud or tenor lute.


Altgitarren: altgitarren

Alto guitaraltgitarren Guitar tunings four string guitars and banjos

Appalachian dulcimer: Appalachian dulcimer

Autoharp: autoharp

Baglama: saz

Bajo Quinto: Bajo Sexto

Bajo Sexto: Bajo Sexto

Balalaika: balalaika

Banjo: 5 string banjo Banjo tunings long neck banjo

Baritone: Bass guitar tunings

Baroque guitar: Baroque guitar

Baryton: Baryton

Bass lute: banduria

Bass VI: Bass guitar tunings

Bouzouki: bouzouki

Cello: Violin family tunings

Charango: charango

Cuban laud: banduria

Cura: saz

D-8: Table steel guitar

D-10: Pedal steel guitar

D-12: Pedal steel guitar

Daruan: China, Japan, Korea

Double bass: Violin family tunings

Dulcimer: Appalachian dulcimer

Gekkin: China, Japan, Korea

Guitar: Guitar tunings

Laud: banduria

Laudón: banduria

Lute: Lute tunings

Lute guitar: Guitar tunings

Mandocaster:Mandolin tunings

Mandocello: Mandolin tunings

Mandolin: Mandolin tunings

Mandola: Mandolin tunings

Mandole: Mandolin tunings

Mandora: Mandora

Oud: Oud

Pippa: China, Japan, Korea

Q-8: Table steel guitar

Russian guitar: Russian guitar

S-8: Table steel guitar

S-10: Pedal steel guitar

S-12: Pedal steel guitar

Saz: saz

Setar: saz

Sitar: Sitar

Spanish guitar: Guitar tunings

String bass: Violin family tunings

T-8: Table steel guitar

Ten string guitar: Ten string guitar

Tenor guitar: four string guitars and banjos Guitar tunings

Tenor lute: Lute tunings banduria

Twelve string guitar: Twelve string guitar

U-12: Pedal steel guitar

U-15: Pedal steel guitar

Viola: Violin family tunings

Viola can mean either the violin family instrument or guitar in Portuguese. Guitarra also means guitar in Portuguese, and also in Spanish.

Viola amarantina: viola caipira

Viola braguesa: viola caipira

Viola caipira: viola caipira

Viola di bordone: Baryton

Violin: Violin family tunings


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