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on purists and purism

Page history last edited by Andrew Alder 1 year, 1 month ago

The only objective of this site is to provide information on tunings. The tunings are the heart of the site, its reason to live.


There are also indexes and other navigation aids to help you navigate the tunings pages. There's even a little entertainment here, true. But that's all here just to help present the information and to motivate people working on it. 


This information is as accurate as we can make it, and that means trying to be dispassionate and objective in the presentation as much as diligent in the research. We aspire to be an excellent resource of clear and accurate information.


But scattered throughout this information you'll also find waffle pages such as this one, and even waffle on the tunings pages themselves. And some of these comments are openly opiniated, including what you'll see below.


And in particular, we often have a go at the purist. We use that word as a nasty name. Why is it so? Isn't this a bit hypocritical?


We hope not. The purist is welcome to their opinions, and to enjoy the sort of music, musicology, organology, whatever, that they particularly like. They seem to be almost always wrong (see the external links below). But still...


We don't want to spoil their fun...




Part of what we mean by a purist is someone who seems to take quite deliberate delight in trying to spoil somebody else's fun, including ours. Frankly, they seem motivated more by the desire to prove someone else wrong (anyone will do) than to contribute anything useful. It's a form of sadism, when you think about it. Or to put it another way, the problem with purism isn't the desire for purity. We applaud that. We support excellence and all those who aspire to it. The problem is the ism, not the pure.


We don't know why purists get to be the way they do (although it does seem to be some sort of insecurity thing), and don't particularly care. We just wish they'd politely go away. But they rarely do. Instead they hang around like a bad smell, hinting at and sometimes even stating outright how intellectually superior they think they are. 


Frankly, we're unconvinced. We think they have a problem. 


If you've never encountered this, lucky you. You may not understand some of the comments on this site that relate to purism. Please just ignore them. If on the other and you know exactly what and possibly even who we mean, we hope you'll find even these comments helpful.


And we also hope that it's obvious what is information here, and what is opinion. Because that's the main problem with the purist: Where their own pet opinions are concerned, they don't seem able to distinguish them from facts. Sad.


Don't be a purist.


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