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Other Websites

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These websites are recommended

That doesn't mean we have any control over them! See our external links policy.


We link to many, many websites on the tunings pages. That's not necessarily because they're recommended, it's just that they're in some way useful. Many of them are excellent. But others are the sorry best of a very sorry lot.


The websites on this page aren't like that. They're the ones that make our websurfing fun. The ones that make us think, yeah, that's what the WorldWide Web should be like.


Happy browsing.



Museum (and similar) collections


University of Tokyo


Médiathèque de la Cité de la musique, Paris


Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


Atlas of Plucked Instruments

An encyclopedia of all the world's plucked instruments of lute, guitar, banjo and mandolin type. Based on a large private collection of plucked stringed musical instruments (plus additional material from books and websites), this ATLAS will give you information about almost all the different plucked instruments still in use.




Instrument and string suppliers




Miscellaneous resources




English Wikipedia


On-topic articles:


Article categories:



Personal websites

Performers and the like. But the line between these sites and museum sites is not always easy to draw...


Warren Allen


Graeme Gibson



See also

(but sites in these pages are not necessarily recommended)





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