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Page history last edited by Andrew Alder 7 years, 6 months ago

Probably the very waffliest of our waffle pages, enter at your own risk.




The Online Encyclopedia Of Tunings



How do you pronounce TOEOT?


Well, I put a syllable break after TOE, so it ends up rhyming with so what. Or sometimes I admit I sort of ignore the first O completely, so it rhymes instead with idiot. I don't know which is worse...


But it's a bit like an old comedy 78 RPM record goes:


- Semi-colon.


- How do you spell that?


- You don't spell it, you splash it.


It's probably better to pronounce it The Online Encyclopedia of Tunings. That's not all that hard to say, it's just a bit tedious to type. And hey, nothing without an acronym is taken seriously.


OEOT was the earliest attempt at one, but pronouncing that was even worse. You may still run across it on some of the older pages.


Other meanings of TOEOT

There must be some, even five letter acronyms are going fast!




  • toEOT (capitalised either like that or as TOEOT in a caseless character set) could be any of several rather obscure terms in computing:
    • EOT once commonly meant end of tape, so toEOT was a common name for a subroutine to handle the tape mark or EOT while reading, or to find the tape mark or handle the physical end of tape (often marked by a reflective strip) while writing.
    • Less commonly EOT meant end of transmission so there could be similar meanings of toEOT based on that. 
    • EOT more recently meant Embedded OpenType, one of Micro$oft's many attempts to rule the world, and so toEOT refers to software that converts to this format. 







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