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Tunings by name

Page history last edited by Andrew Alder 11 years, 3 months ago

This is an index page

This is simply an alphabetical list of the names of tunings, linking to the various pages in this Wiki on which tunings by that name appear. These names include:


  • Simple names such as Open G.
  • Names of particular musicians associated with a tuning, indexed here by surname. For example, Ravi Shankar's sitar tuning is indexed here under Shankar, Ravi.
  • Names of songs for which there are specific tunings, such as the fiddle tuning for Bonaparte's Retreat.


Every tuning name listed here should appear at least once in each page listed after it. It may appear many times, particularly if several instruments are involved.


There should be no actual tunings on this page. The tunings themselves are listed in the tunings hierarchy pages, see site structure. Nor should there be external links. They also belong on other pages.


Instrument names are not normally listed here, see the instrument names index for those. Exceptions are when an instrument tuning is based on the standard tuning of another instrument, for example the decacorde tuning for the ten-string guitar. When in doubt, here we put it in. This is a supposed to be messy but compehensive list, as opposed to the instrument names index which is more disciplined.


It won't ever be a complete index, any more than this website will ever be finished. It should ideally show every name of every named tuning that is in this wiki, and no more. Tunings we don't yet list shouldn't be here. But there may be a backlog between adding a tuning and indexing it here. (You could help...)


Within an entry, tunings article names are alphabetical by page name.


Within the context of different instruments, the same name can mean a completely different tuning, or a closely related one, or anything in between. So this page isn't much use in categorising tunings. It's just here to help you find them.


Even within the same instrument, names are not always logical. For example, for the ten-string guitar, there's a baroque/romantic tuning known as F major tuning, and a Marlow system tuning known simply as F tuning. The list here reflects what they are called. We make no judgement on what they should be called, nor any attempt to make it more logical. That would defeat the whole purpose of this index, which is to help anyone who has heard of a tuning with a specific name to find it.


We leave the word tuning off the end of the tuning name, except where it looks silly without it, for example D major tuning but D tuning.


So just scroll down to the tuning name you want...



Please add new tunings to the page(s) concerned first, and index them here only after that has been done! But when in doubt, put it in, as we said above.




Albéniz, Isaac: Ten string guitar

A major: Ten string guitar

A tuning: saz

Arvizu, Reginald "Fieldy": Bass guitar tunings

Baroque: Ten string guitar

Batish, Ashwin: Sitar

Bb major: Ten string guitar

Bhoopali raga: Sitar

Bilaval raga: Sitar

Boiadeira: viola caipira

Bolin, Georg: altgitarren

Brazilian: viola caipira

Breau, Lenny: Guitar tunings

Bruce, Jack: Bass guitar tunings

C6: Pedal steel guitar

Canadian tuning: Ukulele tunings

Carulli, Ferdinando: Harp guitars

Castro, Perfecto de: Ten string guitar

C tuning: 5 string banjo Sitar Ukulele tunings 

C# tuning:Sitar 

Decacorde: Harp guitars Ten string guitar

D major: Ten string guitar

D minor: Lute tunings

Dengate, Paul: Bass guitar tunings

Drop D: Bass guitar tunings

Double C: 5 string banjo

D tuning: Ten string guitar Twelve string guitar Ukulele tunings

E9: Pedal steel guitar

E major: Ten string guitar

Esterházy, Nikolaus: Baryton 

F major: Ten string guitar

F tuning: Ten string guitar

Frip, Robert: Guitar tunings

G tuning: Ten string guitar

Gypsy tuning: Russian guitar

Hagen, Bernhard Joachim : Ten string guitar

Haydn, Joseph: Baryton

High 4th: Ukulele tunings

High G: Ukulele tunings

Jones, John Paul: Bass guitar tunings

Lacôte, René: Harp guitars

Locatelli, Pietro: Ten string guitar

Low 4th: Ukulele tunings

Low G: Ukulele tunings

Lute tuning (for guitar): Guitar tunings

Marlow Method: Ten string guitar

McAllister, Matthew: Ten string guitar

Mertz, Johann Kaspar: Harp guitars

Modal: 5 string banjo

Modern: Ten string guitar

Montesardo, Girolamo: Baroque guitar

Moore, Tiny: Mandolin tunings

Mountain Modal: 5 string banjo

Neopolitan: Mandolin tunings

New Standard Tuning: Guitar tunings

New tuning: Historic guitar tunings

NST: Guitar tunings

Old Standard Tuning: Guitar tunings

Old time D: 5 string banjo

Old tuning: Historic guitar tunings

Open D: 5 string banjo

Open G: 5 string banjo Russian guitar

Open G minor: Russian guitar

Perf: Ten string guitar

Petersson, Tom: Bass guitar tunings

Portuguese: viola caipira

Rickenbacker 360/12: Twelve string guitar

Rio-abaixo: viola caipira

Romantic: Ten string guitar

Sanz, Gaspar: Baroque guitar

Sawmill: 5 string banjo

Seeger, Pete: 5 string banjo

Shankar, Ravi: Sitar

Squire, Chris: Bass guitar tunings

Sweeney, Joel Walker: 5 string banjo

Temple nuevo: Historic guitar tunings

Temple viejo: Historic guitar tunings

Unison G: Twelve string guitar

Valdez, Jose: Ten string guitar

Visée, Robert de: Baroque guitar

Yepes, Narciso: Ten string guitar






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