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You can contribute

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Please consider adding your input


Have we left something out? Lots! Tell us about it.


Have we got something wrong? We hope not, but it happens. Tell us about it.


Could we say something better? Yes, probably everything. It's a work in progress. Tell us how we can do better.


Is there another site we should know about and link to? Lots of them. Tell us which ones.


You can start in any one of four ways:


  • Anyone can post a message to toeot@yahoogroups.com which is an email list associated with this page. You could even join the group if you wanted, currently anyone can join too, but with all this openness it's potentially a bit of a spam magnet so joining is not to be taken lightly. Better to browse the message archive, which is also public, and join in any discussions there that interest you, which you can do without joining anything (that's the whole idea).


  • Better still, add a comment to a page. Anyone with a (free) pbworks account can do this, to any page. Just type your comment in the box at the bottom of the page, and press the Add comment button. Or try it out in the comment sandbox first if you like.


  • Better still, email your contributions to the webservant (wiki owner). He'll be glad to add them, and will probably get back to you with more questions. The link at the start of this paragraph will take you to a secure form, and there's a similar link at the foot of every page. The form will ask for your own email address; Nobody except the webservant will see this. You don't need to have a pbwiki account, or to sign in.


  • Best of all, create a (free) pbworks account if you don't already have one, and request access so you can directly update the pages. The account also lets you create a free wiki of your own. There's a small learning curve but if you can use MS-Word, you can easily use the pbwiki editor. Welcome to the team! 


Please note that requests for access will be confirmed by return email. So if you intend to supply an email address that bounces, or the email of someone else who knows nothing about you, you're just wasting your time. (Come the revolution we will enable secure email.)   


See also tips for contributors, Standards and Conventions, and if you're really keen, the todo list.

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